Videorecordings of all presentations available here

Monday, May 16


9:00 am: Coffee and registration

9:45 am: Welcome & opening remarks

10:00 am: John Rumble, “Scientific Discovery in the Information Era: The Role of Data, Databases, and Categorisation” (video)

11:00 am: James Overton, “Technical and Social Perspectives on Scientific Classification” (video)

12:00 pm: Group discussion: Data, collaboration, and classification


Kinds aux trois façons (three short talks over lunch): Christopher Wessels, The History of Natural Kinds; Robert Kok, Kinds in Biology; Austin Due, Kinds in Chemistry.


1:30 pm: Evan Hepler-Smith (Princeton University), “Pouring new materials into old bottles: Nanomaterials classification in historical perspective” (video)

2:30 pm: Evan Bolton (NCBI/NLM/NIH), “An exploration of chemical substance knowledge representation” (video)

3:30 pm: Coffee

3:45 pm: Alok Srivastava, “Deliberate Practices for the Generation of Unnatural Kinds in Synthetic Projects in Fields of Protein and Cell Engineering” (video)

4:45 pm: Vadim Keyser, “Phenomena, Artifacts, and Effects in Biological Measurement” (video)

Tuesday, May 17


9:00 am: Coffee

9:30 am: Melinda Bonnie Fagan, “What kind of a thing is a stem cell? and other questions” (video)

10:30 am: Ubaka Ogbogu, “Contemporary Biomedical Research and Legal Kinds: Three Ways” (video)

11:30 am: Group discussion: Classifying biomaterials



1:30 pm: Julia Bursten, “Smaller than a Breadbox: Classification at the Nanoscale” (video)

2:30 pm: Jill Millstone and Michael Hartmann, “Colloidal Nanoparticle Alloys” (video)

3:30 pm: Coffee

3:45 pm: Will Fischer, “Nomenclature in Nanoscale R&D” (video)

4:45 pm: Group discussion: Classifying nanomaterials